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Common office injuries to watch for

When you consider on-the-job injuries, you may think of industries like construction, mining or oil drilling, but the truth is that an injury can occur in any job. Office injuries are far more common than you may realize, and can have the same lasting effects as an accident for a truck driver. Workers' compensation insurance is designed to help those who suffer from injuries caused by the job, and we have a few you should be aware of if you work in an office.

Ergonomic injuries

Many office employees spend the day at a desk, staring at a computer screen. This can cause posture-related injuries, repetitive movement injuries and other ergonomic problems. Employers should offer employees a variety of adjustable keyboards, chairs, desks and other office materials to ensure that every employee has the right tools to protect from ergonomic injuries. If you work in an office, OSHA recommends that you watch for any type of weakness, numbness, fatigue or pain, and address it right when it starts rather than wait until it becomes a serious problem.

Strain on the eyes

Eyestrain is a big problem in offices, as most employees spend a good chunk of the day staring at a computer screen. This can irritate and dry out the eyes and create problems with focus. It is recommended that every employee take a 10-minute break for every one hour spent on the computer screen. Maintain appropriate light levels and reduce glare by dimming overhead lights and closing blinds when possible.

Falls, trips and slips

Wet floors, unstable work surfaces, uneven floors, cluttered areas, loose rugs and unattended spills are hazards in the workplace and are common causes of falls, trips and slips. Outdoor conditions such as snow, rain and ice on ramps, walkways, parking lots and exterior steps can also create a danger to employees. Employers should maintain the outside and inside of the office to prevent from falls that can result in broken bones, head injuries and serious bruising.

Air quality

Respiratory disorders, asthma, allergies and chemical sensitivities are also common injuries in workplaces with poor air quality. Every office should have a proper ventilation system, keep the office from overcrowding and regularly clean pesticides and chemicals. Offices should also be designed to maximize air flow to each cubicle.

Where to turn for help

No matter what type of job you have, you expect a certain level of safety when you walk in the doors and when you leave. If you feel injury or pain you are dealing with was caused by the job, you should seek the advice of an attorney immediately.

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