Professionals And White Collar Workers Can Be Injured At Work, Too

When people think of job-related injuries, most often industrial accidents come to mind. The truth is, office workers suffer a very high rate of workplace injuries, often resulting from slip-and-fall accidents and repetitive stress.

If you were injured while working as a white collar worker in Georgia, including as an office worker, a health care professional or a field service specialist, call The Law Offices of Gary M. Kazin. I have more than three decades of experience helping injured office workers receive the workers' compensation benefits they are entitled to for work-related disabilities.

I have experience helping injured workers in all white collar fields, including injuries and disabilities resulting from:

I'm An Office Worker And I Slipped And Fell At Work. Can I File A Claim?

The Georgia State Workers' Compensation Board makes no distinction between job categories or work tasks when awarding benefits for an injury or disability. If you work for an employer anywhere in Georgia, report the accident and injury immediately, then call me to discuss your options for filing a claim.

Hiring the right lawyer will make a difference in the effectiveness and efficiency of your claim. Many white collar workers never expect to rely on Georgia workers' compensation benefits. If you are unfamiliar with the benefits you are entitled to for your workplace injury, please visit the information pages below. Then contact me to discuss the circumstances of your disability.

Get Help With Your Workers' Comp Claim

Initial claims for workers' comp are typically denied. This can slow the process and delay your benefits. Your best chance at a successful claim starts with a free consultation at my law office. Call 404-913-8978, toll free at 866-397-5116 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation at my office in Decatur or Atlanta. You will not pay attorneys' fees if my law firm cannot help you obtain Georgia workers' compensation benefits.