Truck And Commercial Drivers Are More Likely To Be Injured On The Job

Over-the-road truckers, heavy equipment operators and other workers who drive on public roads for their jobs suffer some of the highest rates of on-the-job injuries. If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident in Georgia while driving for your job, you are entitled to seek medical treatment and disability wage benefits through your employer's workers' compensation insurance.

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I Represent Injured Truck Drivers Throughout Georgia

My law firm is one of the most recognized names in Georgia workers' compensation claims services for injured workers. My staff and I will work aggressively to help you receive the full benefits you are entitled to for your injuries. While you are recovering your health, we will be working hard on your behalf to fight for full medical coverage and disability wage benefits. If you suffered a permanent partial disability, you may even qualify for a single lump-sum payout of your future wage benefits.

My employer is out of state, but I was injured while unloading my truck in Georgia.
If you drive for a truck company or employer in another state, but were injured in Georgia, talk to me about your options for filing a claim. I'll help you get the most advantageous benefits.

Working With An Experienced Lawyer Will Give You The Best Chance At Getting Workers' Comp Benefits Quickly

If your injury has taken you off the job, you don't have time for a lengthy workers' comp appeals process. Working with an experienced lawyer from the get-go will give you the best chance at having your initial claim accepted. For more information about my services, call 404-913-8978 or 866-397-5116 or contact me online. Consultations are free and you won't pay attorneys' fees until I obtain workers' comp benefits for you. I have offices in Decatur and Atlanta and represent clients throughout Georgia.