Construction Is One Of The Most Dangerous Jobs In The U.S.

Construction site jobs represent some of the most dangerous professions in the U.S. today. Although workers' compensation covers most construction workers, the severity of construction site injuries and the complexity of the requirements of the law can cause employers and claims analysts to misjudge the true needs of workers.

After a workplace injury in Atlanta or elsewhere in Georgia, workers may need experienced legal help to prevent unfair out-of-pocket expenses and other issues. With over three decades of focused experience within this specific area of the law, The Law Offices of Gary M. Kazin can help injured construction workers pursue the compensation they deserve for as long as they need it.

Common Construction Site Accidents Often Lead To Serious Injuries

Employers should ensure that all workers receive proper safety training and wear helmets and other appropriate protective gear any time their jobs take them to construction sites. But precautionary practices cannot completely eliminate the potential for accidental injuries such as the following:

  • Transportation incidents represent the most common cause of death for operating engineers and construction equipment operators and lead to countless serious injuries each year through contact with equipment and objects. These accidents can cause a variety of injuries, including crushed bones and internal damage.
  • Grounds maintenance can also include the risks of transportation incidents; additionally, workers can also suffer head injuries and spinal cord damage from falls or become ill from working in an environment with exposure to harmful chemicals.
  • Construction laborer fatalities and injuries consist of all the risks included in the prior categories, with about one-third of fatalities attributed to falls. Severe injuries can also result from objects dropped from above.
  • Roofing accidents can cause any number of injuries inherent with working with tools, but falls represent the primary cause of injury.

When You Need A Qualified Attorney For A Workers' Compensation Claim

Under ideal circumstances, injured construction workers can receive the compensation they need by following the claims procedures their employers should post prominently at the workplace. But many issues can arise that require workers to seek experienced legal support, such as the following:

  • The employer or insurance company can completely deny or reduce the value of a valid claim.
  • The employer may require a worker to return to some form of work before he or she achieves a sufficient degree of recovery.
  • The employer may deny benefits on charges of employee willful misconduct.

I do not charge construction workers injured in accidents for an initial consultation. With a strong dedication to helping injured workers obtain the benefits they deserve, I encourage you to discuss your concerns and learn how I can help.

Let Me Fight For Your Rights After Your Atlanta Construction Accident

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