If You Experienced A Musculoskeletal Injury At Work, You Are Entitled To Workers' Compensation

A serious injury to a bone or attached muscle can make it impossible to lift, turn or take on daily tasks. If you suffered a musculoskeletal injury because of your job in Georgia, you are entitled to receive medical treatment and benefits for lost or depleted wages while you are unable to work at your job.

I am Georgia workers' compensation lawyer Gary M. Kazin. I have more than three decades of experience helping injured Georgia workers obtain workers' compensation benefits for:

Did You Suffer Bone, Muscle Or Joint Injuries On The Job?

Losing pay and facing rising medical bills while you are unable to work is stressful. Georgia mandates that employers who have three or more employees provide workers' compensation insurance coverage for workers who suffer workplace injuries, disabilities or illness resulting from an accident or repetitive motion. Unfortunately, employers often fight legitimate claims, and your employer's workers' compensation carrier may demand a lot of evidence proving that you can't work. You don't deserve the stress or the intimidation that comes with filing a claim.

My legal team and I know what you are up against. Let us help you feel comfortable about your circumstances. We will listen to your story, explain your options and help you get the health care and wage benefits you and your family need. If you have questions about whether your musculoskeletal injury qualifies for Georgia workers' compensation benefits, you can start here. I have the answers to help you get the benefits you need.

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