Chronic Pain Syndromes Can Make It Impossible To Continue Working

Whether it is because of the physical trauma of an accident, a sudden lifting or turning movement or repetitive motion over a lifetime, chronic pain can be immobilizing. If you are a Georgia worker who is unable to work because of chronic pain related to a workplace injury or complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), you may be entitled to obtain medical treatment and disability wage benefits through Georgia workers' compensation.

Skillfully Filing Georgia Workers' Compensation Claims For Workers Suffering Chronic Pain Injuries

I am workers' compensation lawyer Gary M. Kazin. My law firm has helped thousands of injured workers receive health care and wage payments when chronic pain puts them off the job for a while. From offices in Decatur and Atlanta, I provide Georgia workers' compensation claims services for workers injured on the job in the Atlanta metro area and communities throughout Georgia.

As soon as you feel disabled by any amount of pain on the job, report it to your employer immediately — even if you are unsure of why the pain has started.

Do You Really Need A Lawyer?

Georgia state law says you have the right to apply for workers' compensation benefits if you are unable to work because of a job accident or work-related injury. So, why hire a local workers' compensation attorney?

The causes of chronic pain, CRPS and fibromyalgia don't always show up on an X-ray or MRI. Employers and workers' compensation insurance carriers frequently deny claims because they are unable to see the evidence that the pain is related to a workplace injury or repetitive job tasks. Your claim will need to include a medical history of a work-related injury or repetitive stress, as well as medical reports and professional evaluations.

Call my office. I offer a free case evaluation to explain why it is important to use a professional to carry your claim through the steps for approval. I will also go over what disability benefits you may be entitled to while you are unable to work. You will also not pay attorneys' fees if my law firm cannot help you obtain Georgia workers' compensation benefits.

In Too Much Pain To Go To Work? Call Me For Help.

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