Permanent Disability Benefits Offer Injured Workers A Way To Support Their Families

The last thing you should worry about if you have been permanently injured on the job is how you will pay your bills and support your family. Unfortunately, that is the position in which many injured workers find themselves.

There is hope. Under Georgia law, you are entitled to permanent wage benefits and may even be eligible for lifetime disability benefits.

From my offices in Decatur and Atlanta, I, attorney Gary M. Kazin, help hardworking individuals, just like you, who have been permanently injured on the job get the workers' compensation benefits to which they are entitled. To speak with me about your right to permanent benefits, call me at 866-397-5116. Consultations are free.

Permanent Disability Wage Benefits

Workers who have suffered a partial or total disability because of a workplace accident or as a result of their work requirements may be entitled to receive disability wage payments in addition to paid medical treatment. Cash benefits are paid weekly at the rate of two-thirds of the average weekly wage you were earning prior to your injury, up to a maximum amount set by law — typically looking back over a 13-week period.

Did you know?
You don't have to be totally disabled and completely unable to work to get permanent benefits. You may qualify for permanent partial disability benefits.

Permanent Partial Disability (PPD)

Weekly cash benefits will be paid for a specified number of weeks. Under certain conditions, this benefit may be paid in a lump-sum payment. The amount of pay is based upon a rating assigned by the authorized treating physician. The assigned rating will be set as a percentage of disability. For example, an arm injury that permanently limits your mobility or use of the hand may be labeled as a 20 percent disability. The disability percentage is applied using guidelines from the American Medical Association and the Official Code of Georgia.

Lifetime Disability

The Georgia workers' compensation system does not have lifetime benefits unless your claim has been determined to be catastrophic. In many cases, people suffering a permanent total disability on the job will be eligible for payment through a federal program. Benefits for permanent total disability can be claimed through the federal Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) system.

What Types Of Injuries Or Medical Conditions Qualify?

Nearly any debilitating injury or medical condition may be classified as a permanent partial disability, depending upon the circumstances that resulted in the disability. Do not assume that your injury will not qualify you for wage benefits. Call me for a free consultation.

Reclassification From Temporary Disability To Permanent Disability

Treating physicians may be quick to declare an injured worker fit to return to work under a limited workload, but with no designation for a permanent disability. Do not let them make you return to work if you feel you have not fully recovered from your injuries. Before you return to work or re-employment training, call me to discuss your concerns about your medical designation. I have a successful record of helping injured workers protect their rights.

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