What My Firm Can Do For You

Suffering a workers' compensation injury can be a stressful and sometimes intimidating experience. I am Gary Kazin, a Georgia workers' comp attorney with over 30 years of experience. My legal team and I understand your situation. We want you to feel comfortable sharing your story and to trust us to handle your case. We keep you involved and updated throughout the process. We are here to explain what we do for you and how to navigate the Georgia workers' comp process successfully.

Do you have questions? We have the answers. It is as simple as that. As a tough workers' compensation attorney, I am committed to fighting on your behalf to help you obtain all of the benefits that you deserve. Contact The Law Offices of Gary M. Kazin today for aggressive help and a firm that will stand by your side through every step of the process. With offices in Atlanta and Decatur, I serve throughout the state.

Time Is Money. Trust Me Not To Waste Yours.

Some insurance companies and employers are less than eager to compensate accident victims. As a result, legal claims can become very expensive very quickly. As the costs associated with litigation mount, so can the strain on you and your loved ones. Resolving your case efficiently — and effectively — is crucial. As your attorney and I work hard to do just that.

After learning the facts about your case, my firm and I will analyze all of the details to ensure that nothing was overlooked. We will rely on our extensive experience in Georgia workers' comp law to determine the best strategy for you. I have represented the hardworking people of Georgia in workers' compensation for approximately three decades. I know when and how to negotiate with employers and insurance companies and when to stand firm. I am not intimidated by aggressive behavior or stall tactics and can help you obtain an appropriate workers' compensation settlement.

Now Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Life

As an Atlanta workers' comp lawyer, I believe that the client is the top priority. My aim is to attain the best possible outcome for your case.

One thing that all serious injuries have in common is the fact that they can change the way you live. Suddenly, your days may be filled with doctor visits, calls to your insurance company and adjusting to new, unexpected circumstances.

You may be unable to work. You may be incapable of caring for your children or completing household chores as you did before you were injured. The medical bills start piling up, placing your family in debt. You and your loved ones may be forced to struggle to accommodate the setbacks caused by your accident.

I understand that you are ready to get on with your life only when your case is resolved and you receive fair compensation for your injuries. Rest assured that my staff and I remember that each day as we work on your case.

Call Me When You Need An Attorney Who Will Fight For You

My legal practice is dedicated to fighting on behalf of injured workers in Georgia. If you were injured on the job, contact us today for assistance at 404-913-8978 or 866-397-5116 to schedule your free initial consultation. Be assured that I will treat you in a professional manner when helping you file a claim in Georgia. We look forward to discussing your case with you.