Reasons To Use A Professional When Filing A Workers' Comp Claim

You were injured at work and need to obtain monetary benefits as quickly as possible. Although you can file a Georgia workers' comp claim yourself, a better approach is to have a qualified professional help you.

Please take a look at what steps are necessary to file a workers' compensation claim in Georgia or contact me, Gary Kazin, today and schedule a free initial consultation to learn more about the workers' comp claim filing information process and how I can help you.

Why Should You Use A Workers' Comp Lawyer?

Here are several reasons to seek professional assistance with your workers' comp claim:

  • It reduces your stress. Being injured on the job is bad enough. Having to cope with the pain and trauma of your injuries at the same time that you are trying to file a claim can be overwhelming and exhausting. The Law Offices of Gary M. Kazin can handle the numerous frustrations you are likely to encounter while filing. That way, your focus is where it should be — on your physical recovery.
  • It ensures that all necessary paperwork is completed. Filing a workers' comp claim in Georgia can be a complex procedure, especially if an appeal is involved. Many forms and documents must be completed to exact specifications if your claim is to succeed. Any errors in the paperwork can cause your request to be delayed or even denied. I am an Atlanta workers' compensation attorney with over 30 years of experience handling these types of claims, and I know how to make sure that they are filed correctly.
  • It helps you cope with employers and insurers. Your employer and its insurance company want to save money. I am a lawyer who can discuss your Georgia workers' comp case with these parties for you, providing evidence as to why your claim has merit and why you deserve to be paid the appropriate benefits.

Let Me Advocate For Your Workers' Compensation Claim

I have been dedicated to advocating on behalf of injured workers in Georgia for over 30 years. If you need assistance with a Georgia workers' comp claim, call me at 404-913-8978 or toll free at 866-397-5116 or contact my law firm online. I look forward to discussing your case with you in a free consultation. If you hire me to pursue your claim, you won't pay any attorneys' fees unless I obtain workers' compensation benefits for you.