The History Of Workers’ Compensation Law

Georgia workers' compensation law (sometimes still known as workman's compensation) provides important protection to both employers and employees injured on the job. A brief overview of the history behind this important legislation can help you understand the reasons why this legislation exists and how I, lawyer Gary M. Kazin, can help if you suffer a workplace injury or illness.

The Early Handling Of Worker Injury Claims

The history of workers' compensation law in Georgia is an interesting one and deeply rooted in southern industry. Prior to the introduction of workers' compensation, courts handled employee on-the-job injury claims similarly to how civil courts handle other types of personal injury claims today, which is based on liability. The court system accepted only those cases where the employee suffered injury due to negligent employer actions — without any degree of shared liability on the part of the employee and without any regard for the inherent risks of certain jobs.

As the Georgia cotton manufacturing industry grew along with other industries, an increasing number of injured employees unfairly paid the costs associated with their injuries out of pocket. In those situations when the courts permitted cases to go to a jury trial, the inequities typically shifted to the employer. Juries often sympathized with injured workers, awarding high compensation to employees — and potentially leading to the financial ruin of employers.

Organizations within the Progressive movement introduced workers' compensation to the U.S. where, with the backing of President Theodore Roosevelt, most states adopted the system between 1911 and 1930. Georgia was the 42nd state to adopt the legislation.

The Law In Georgia Today

Thanks to the Georgia workers' compensation system as it exists today, most employees who suffer workplace injuries or illnesses can receive appropriate compensation and benefits. But in an effort to keep claims experience at low levels, employers or the insurance companies that cover workers' compensation claims may still attempt to unfairly deny claims or require injured employees to return to work before they recover sufficiently.

If you suffer on-the-job injury and need legal assistance to protect your rights under the law, I can help as a skilled Atlanta workers' compensation attorney with over 30 years of experience in this area.

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