The Process For Receiving A Workers' Comp Settlement

Under ideal circumstances, you would not bring your work injury case to court for a Georgia workers' compensation settlement. Receiving workers' compensation benefits does not require you to prove that the injury was the fault of your employer. These benefits are issued because Georgia workers' comp law recognizes that workplace injuries will occur and that they must be handled in a fair and timely manner.

But what if your employer is not fair or timely in handling your claim for compensation? You may need to pursue legal redress in court for the benefits and justice that you deserve. The process for receiving a workers' compensation settlement requires navigating the following steps carefully and in detail.

Steps To Obtaining A Workers' Compensation Settlement In Georgia

First, an attorney needs evidence for your case. The Georgia-based Law Offices of Gary M. Kazin requests that you supply documentation such as bills from physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, rehabilitative centers and medical equipment companies. Other expenses incurred because of your injury are also appropriate to show us at this time. These expenses can include the value of time missed from work, or functions that you are no longer able to perform due to your injury. As your lawyer, I will review this documentation and see how we can build a solid case from it.

If I think we have a sound case, our next step is to file your claim in court. The defendant is informed of the fact that a suit is being brought against it. I contact its attorneys and arrange a time to meet for discovery, a process during which all the evidence collected is shared by the plaintiff and the defendant.

At times, the attorneys for the defendant advise that offering a settlement is in its best interest, and the defendant proceeds to make that offer.

However, if no settlement is offered, we will go to trial. This is where my 30 years of litigation experience come into play. It is important to note that The Law Offices of Gary M. Kazin works for you on a contingency fee basis. If you do not receive a recovery amount, then you owe me no money. If you are looking for an experienced Georgia workers' compensation attorney, please take a look at what I can do for you.

Let Me Advocate For Your Workers' Compensation Settlement In Georgia

My firm is dedicated to providing helpful advice to injured workers. If you need assistance with a workers' compensation settlement in Georgia, call my offices in Decatur and Atlanta at 404-913-8978, toll free at 866-397-5116 or contact my law firm online. I look forward to discussing your case with you during a free initial consultation.